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Down in the west coast, we have pineapples.



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Cousins The Rock and Roman Reigns

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U.S. President Barack Obama kisses first lady Michelle Obama next to the Easter Bunny during the 136th annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington April 21, 2014. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

I just adore them.

Tyrone Wells
you're surprised about Eurocentric learning? come on we all know who they mean when they say "average"






they also said that there is no evidence of any race being larger than another

in fact there was a study done where they surveyed men asking them if they were satisfied with their penis length and the the findings went against the stereotypes

black men were the least satisfied and asian men were the most satisfied

and Latino and white men were in the middle

but being that its a survey then their could definitely be flaws in the study because its possible people won’t answer honestly and satisfaction is not indicative of actual length, it just means they good with what they got

You think black men were less satisfied because media and society continues with this whole ‘black guys have the biggest dicks ever’ so they are comparing their own dicks to giant dicks? And since Asian men in western society are supposedly not packin, that they see their dicks as bigger?

That’s what m professor was suggesting. Since black are stereotyped to be so big, if they’re not big then they’re not satisfied. They could even be considered large by other standards but based on how black men are portrayed they don’t think they’re big.

and its the inverse with asian men, just like you said

and he even went on to talk about how sex toys are marketed and its correlation with race. How larger dildos are always in darker colors (brown, black, purple, etc) and smaller dildos are in lighter colors (pink, silver, clear, white)

and also how things are labeled, for instance, larger, darker dildos are described as “Monster Cock” “Giant Cock” and shit like that while the smaller and lighter dildos described as “Petite” “sensational”

he talked a lot about the dehumanization and over-sexualization of black men in the sex industry and porn industry and in the media so its got black men thinking they got to be 8, 9, 10 inches or else they don’t have any sexual value

Very interesting